Lognoter: Knowledge Management in Technology (KMT)

Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute and reuse of information and experience. Such information and experiences are knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organisational processes or practice.

Existing software for KM offers a range of utilities for this purpose. However, technology organizations has specific requirements that requires new solutions. These organizations need to create and manage data from multiple sources like CAD, CAE, forms, reports, links, norms, ... and it becomes more and more necessary a tool that makes easier to deal with these data, specially in a collaborative environment.

Lognoter offers a very efficient solution for Knowledge Management in Technology (KMT), allowing the efficient management of the information generated in the whole project in a collaborative way.

What is Lognoter?

Lognoter is a software that allows to manage all the data related to a project using different standards. These allow the users to store information in database format (tabular type) or to use a more flexible pages organization. Furthermore, Lognoter includes a set of tools for management of information, including audit and calculation forms, reports generation, web publication, etc.

Lognoter has all the capabilities of a desktop program like drag and drop, copy & paste, different views of the data, faster access when storing the data locally, that make it a much more convenient tool compared to a web-interface based program.

Lognoter: Personal Information Manager (PIM)

Where do you usually take notes? The success of Lognoter is to store textual formatted data, images and files all in the same place. Lognoter allows to organize business and personal time, schedule tasks, make notes, store information, etc.

How fast can you find a note you took some time ago? Stop losing your notes, with Lognoter suitable information will be in the correct place, in the right form.

Part of data can be structured in a very organized way (in table-like interfaces) but other type of data needs a specific structure that will be different for every case.


Lognoter has different versions to fulfill every need:

Professional and standard (free) version

Portable version

It doesn't require a formal installation, it can be run from a USB flash drive or from a folder on the hard drive. Both, professional and free versions are available in portable version.

Lognoter: Knowledge Management in Technology (KMT)