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Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas

Lognoter has been developed by Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A.



  • September 2011.- New version of Lognoter
  • November 2010.- New decision support system for sailing ships design and maneuver "3D Remote Rigging Monitor" (3D RRM) presented in the 'Salón Naútico Internacional de Barcelona' Link
  • November 2009.- Presentation "Lognoter" was made in Salón Naútico Internacional de Barcelonalink
  • July 2009.- New version: CompassFEM 10.0R1 Release date: 2009-07-31
  • April 2009.- Research project Estic.Be. appears in the news in the local catalan TV TV3 : http://www.tv3.cat/videos/1188919 (aprox. minute 31:20). Compass is one of the partners of this research project
  • April 2009.- Compass web site has been updated
  • April 2009.- Asistencia al congreso 3rd Ship Design Process Workshop organizado por - -
  • March 2009.- New GiD 9.1.1b Beta version available -
  • March 2009.- New version of Lognoter
  • July 2008.- GiD was present in the WCCM-ECCOMAS 2008 congress. Go to the conference web

Lognoter is a software for knowledge management in technology (KMT).

Nowadays, information management is becoming more and more important. Lognoter provides an efficient solution to increase the organization and access to information.

Lognoter organizes information by pages, the objective is to make easier the storage and management of information, such asnotes, documents, forms, thoughts and ideas, and to improve corporative collaboration.